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Parking Forward, Inc. Announces the Appointment of Two SVPs

DENVER, Sept. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Parking Forward, Inc., ("PF") a leader in sales and the deployment of new technology to the parking industry, announced the appointment of two Senior Vice Presidents, John D. Conway and Zach Souder, to the company.  These strategic appointments are aligned with the rollout of a new National Sales Alliance between PF, Inc., Parking Revenue Recovery Services, Inc. ("PRRS"), Mountain Parking Equipment, Inc. ("MPE") and ParkTrans Solutions, Inc.("PTS").  The new Sales Alliance was formed to deliver state-of-the-art products and services to the parking industry.

As Senior Vice President, John D. Conway will oversee the company's new sales initiatives and shall be responsible for delivering new products and services on behalf of three major companies.  John has served in a variety of professional capacities in the parking industry, and brings over two decades of industry knowledge and experience to the company.  John also has an extensive network of industry relationships and a track record for facilitating creative solutions on behalf of clients and their customers.  John's experience throughout his career includes senior level responsibility for the following vertical markets:Airport, Municipal, Commercial, Special Event, Hospital, University and Hotel.  John most recently served as Vice President, West Airports, for SP+, assigned to approximately ten (10) airports, including Denver International Airport (DEN). 

Zach Souder will oversee the company's new sales and global product initiatives as Senior Vice President.  Zach brings over a decade of technical and hardware experience related to parking industry products, most recently overseeing the sales and service departments for Mountain Parking.  In these roles, Zach was responsible for the deployment of a variety of technologies and management of the entire operations team, which was built from the ground-up to be a technology and culture oriented group. 

Scott Souder, President, PF, stated, "We are extremely pleased with the appointment of John and Zach to spearhead the roll out of our new Sales Alliance.  I have no doubt that John and Zach will deliver success for our clients, PRRS, MPE and PTS.  The three companies offer products and services that complement each other synergistically, and will enable John and Zach to bring cutting-edge products and services to our clients."

Teresa Parsley, President, PRRS, a WBE based in Aurora, CO, stated, "We are extremely pleased with our new strategic relationship with Parking Forward, and believe they will take our organization to the next level.  We have known John Conway for years and have no doubt he will deliver on our behalf.  We are extremely pleased to be on the team with Parking Forward." 

Kevin Woznicki, Principal at PTS, stated, "We have a great product and are extremely excited about our new relationship with Parking Forward, Inc.  We believe John and Zach will deliver positive results for our company in a short amount of time.  Both individuals bring a wealth of experience to the table."

About Parking Forward
With over 65 years of combined sales, parking and technology experience, PF has the knowledge, business, and industry expertise to assist parking operators select the right solutions and products we represent for their specific needs.  Headquartered in Denver, CO, PF provides its customers with a full-suite of parking technology products, solutions and services. 

PF partners with businesses of all sizes, including startups, to drive sales on behalf of parking technology manufacturers and parking solutions providers.  PF's broad service offerings range from access and revenue control solutions to parking revenue recovery services and collections, to full-service parking management solutions.  Our customers include operators, municipalities, universities, hospitals, commercial and residential buildings, hotels and special event venues.  

About Parking Revenue Recovery Services
PRRS turns unpaid Parking Fees into revenue.  The PRRS team of professionals is highly trained and specializes in parking enforcement, collections and citation processing of parking notices and violations.  Our goal is to create exceptional value for parking operators and their clients, municipalities, universities and other entities by (1) Increasing overall customer compliance while delivering exceptional customer service, and (2) maximizing their collections revenue.  PRRS has over 50 clients that represent the parking industry, including: Municipalities, Parking Operators, Universities, Public Transit and Property Owners across North America.

About Mountain Parking Equipment
MPE is the leading provider of Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems in Colorado. For over twenty years MPE has been the go-to organization for turn-key solutions in the region. MPE offers a wide range of products and services that enables its clients to accomplish their short and long term goals from controlling revenue loss to implementing technologies that drive further business. MPE most prides itself in being a long-term partner with all of its clients, many of which have continued as partners with MPE for over twenty years.

About ParkTrans Solutions
PTS was formed to bring the rapidly changing parking and transit markets together by offering a variety of services to its clients.  For decades, both of these markets have been heavily reliant on cash transactions and the subsequent inefficiencies caused by this method.  From higher labor costs to shrinkage, the heavy use of cash has taken a toll on cities' efficiencies, especially in these times of tight cash flow.  PTS can offer its clients guidance on how to take advantage of the movement away from traditional hardware towards the flexibility and efficiencies that only apps and software can bring.  

PTS is the exclusive North American representative of the Urban Innovation Group (UIG) that is one of the world's largest fully functional parking management systems (over 100,000 spaces managed) that includes tariff management, dashboards and analytics, mobile guidance and payment and permit management. It also features a unique feature that allows credit card reconciliation down a transactional level. The platform is also flexible enough to manage multiple meter brands, any combination of existing mobile apps, even on street and off street parking in one place.

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